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Initial free consultation

Upon your initial contact with Necessary Work, we will schedule an appropriate time to discuss, by phone, the potential ways that we may serve you.  Depending on the size of the project and the number of client personnel involved, there may be multiple phone conversations including the use of tools such as internet conferencing, video conferencing, etc.  Depending upon the size and complexity of the potential project and upon mutual agreement, Necessary Work personnel will make an onsite visit to your location to finalize the discussions.  This initial, onsite visit will be free of charge with the client responsible for travel costs only.

Hourly or Fixed Fee Project

Depending on the size and complexity of the job, the client’s ability to dedicate staff and other considerations, an arrangement letter will be developed that will include the project method to be used.  For small, simple and quick projects, hourly billings may be the best solution.  For more lengthy, complex and difficult projects it is normally better to spend the upfront planning necessary to develop a fixed cost agreement.  As there are always potential unknowns, flexibility is built into each fixed price project as needed.

With a detailed scope, timeline and milestones

For most of my consulting life, I’ve been called in because of a crisis that may involve any of several specific areas (wrongful burials, accounts receivable issues, commission problems, trust audits, efficiency failures, etc.).  In too many instances I allowed the client’s crisis to trick me into action before proper planning.  That was my fault for not doing what the client really needed rather than what they wanted.  Although that is still a strong urge, Necessary Work is dedicated to proper upfront planning in order to maximize both the timeliness and the effectiveness of our service to you, the client.  The majority of our experiences have taught us that proper planning and oversight will result in the job being completed sooner, cheaper and better.  So although we will move with the greatest degree of speed to address your pressing issues, we’ll do so with proper planning and detailed review involving you, the client, as an integral part of oversight.

With weekly project management meetings

One of the hard lessons that we have learned is that, except for the smallest of projects, it is imperative that the project team meet for at least 30 minutes each week with client stakeholders.  These short meetings achieve three primary objectives: 1) Maintain communication between both parties, 2) assign responsibilities and ensure accountability and 3) prevent significant departures from client expectations.  The weekly project management meeting is a key part of the ultimate experience.

With openness and honesty

If we cannot provide a service commensurate with the cost, we will tell you as soon as it becomes evident.  Necessary Work serves at your pleasure and we build in exit procedures into each client engagement letter such that you, the client, can end an engagement at any point with each party receiving proper compensation for their investment.  Supporting timesheets and invoice copies are always available to those we serve.   888.803.4605  PO Box 3022, Murfreesboro, TN 37133   Home