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Significant but appropriate

There are two primary engagement methods available.

Time and Travel This billing method is typically used when the project is very small, requires immediate attention or is difficult to properly define due to unknown circumstances. This is also the preferred method when the client is unsure of their ability to dedicate staff at the appropriate levels. Our hourly rates range from $35 through $150 based upon the required capabilities.

Project Based - For projects that can be properly analyzed and defined, a project based billing method allows the client to quantify the cost of the project up front. Since almost every project requires cooperation from client personnel, there are still clearly defined deliverables for the client and potential increases in fees if these are not met. The key to a project based engagement is good up front definition with the client. Typically these engagements are larger with extended time frames. The fixed project fee is determined based upon many factors including the mix of skill sets needed, the complexity of the work, the amount of data involves, etc. Generally the fixed fee does not include travel costs, which are always billed at the actual, incurred cost.

I have been involved in a large number of engagements over the past 15 years and am convinced that clients have paid more and received their results later due to a perceived time deadline that pushed proper planning to the background while immediate activity substituted for actual success. As painful as it seems at first, proper planning and a reasonable time schedule result in lower fees, more timely solutions and more acceptable outcomes.

As noted in other places on this website, Necessary Work will make a no fee onsite visit of up to 1 day after initial telephone discussions. We ask that the client pay for the travel expenses while we provide the free time. In many cases the onsite visit is not required but there are cases where the size and/or complexity of the project necessitate face to face interaction. 888.803.4605 PO Box 3022, Murfreesboro, TN 37133 Home